Cornhole Rules

League Rules


  1. Two teams, consisting of a minimum of two players each, compete.
  2. Each team will stay in their designated lane for the whole game.
  3. Players keep their own scores
  4. Once each player tosses all 4 bags, calculate the score, then the players on the opposite side will toss
  5. In general, 3 players from each team will be at each cornhole board
  6. Overhand throwing is prohibited (only underhanded tosses count)
    1. Failure to throw underhand can result in an automatic forfeit and removal from the league
  7. Players must throw from behind the "foul line"
    1. Players must have both feet planted behind the front end of the board (opposite the hole)
  8. Please alert Happy Hour Sports and Social at least 24 hours prior to a forfeit


  1. Games will run for 1 hour and a minimum of 3 games (first 3 will be counted to your score win/lose for the game)
  2. Any player can toss at any time during the game or decide not to toss at


  1. 0 pt. = If the bag hits the ground first or it does not stay on the board
  2. 1 pt. = bag that lands and stays on the board (no part of the bag can be touching the ground)
  3. 3pts = bag tossed directly into the board hole, slides up the board and falls into the hole, is knocked in
  4. The game is won when a team reaches 21 points (no win by 2 or overtime - simply first to 21 pts.)
  5. “Cancellation” scoring is required (Example: team 1 has all 4 bags on the board, team 2 has 2 bags on the board. Team 1 = 4 points, Team 2 = 2 points, bags "cancel" out, final score Team 1 = 2 points)
  6. The score, total games won per team, will be reported to the onsight official (Example: game 1 = 21-18, game 2 = 21-15, and game 3 = 17-21. Score 2-1)